Music from Wildlife Films

Fraser Island, Jordan Valley and Cheetahs with Holly Hunter


1 Teaser
2 Opening
3 Whales Arriving
4 Princess
5 Turtles
6 Musk Duck
7 Spider
8 Clouds
9 Sand/Trees
10 Sea Turtles
11 Sugar Glider
12 Sunrise
13 Dingo
14 Whales History
15 Crabs
16 Drippies
17 Pitta /Body
18 Osprey Bathe
19 Sunset
20 Whales Leaving
21 End Titles
All titles Zomba Music


22 Tease
23 Main Title
24 Hula Swamp
25 Foxes
26 Eagle
27 Pelicans fishing
28 Piglets
29 From Hula
30 Cormorants
31 Storks
32 Stormy weather
33 Hula 2
34 Hyraxes
35 Desert flowers
36 Desert sunset
37 End Titles
All titles Zomba Music


38 Main Title
39 Stalk 1
40 Desert
41 Ranger
42 Main Stalk
43 Smalls
44 Race from Plane
45 It's a dance
46 Chase 3
47 Train
48 End Titles
All titles E.M.I. Music

Fraser Island, retitled Australia's Dingo Island, and Jordan Valley, Waters of Life, are 2 films in Partridge Films' Hidden Worlds series. Fraser Island is a large sand island off the coast of Queensland with a rich ecosystem and a surprisingly large number of species. Visited by migrating whales, it is a magical place. Jordan Valley, photographed and directed by Gil Domb, shows the Jordan River starting in the snow of Mount Hermon, travelling through swamps, lakes and desert, to end in the Dead Sea. Wonderful storks and pelicans, and surprisingly lush landscapes.

Cheetahs with Holly Hunter, directed by Justine Kershaw for Tigress Films, has amazing behaviour footage, and follows Holly as she pursues cheetahs in the wild and in conservation centres. .