Corals and Coelacanths
Dir. Annemarie Kohler

1. Main Titles
2. Handsome male
3. Desirable female
4. Night of the dark moon
5. Pushy male
6. Getting together
Dir. Celia Lowenstein

7. Main Titles
8. Fish
9. Comoros
10. Dissecting
11. Diving
12. Indonesia
13. J.B.L.Smith
14. Fishy background
15. General background
16. Margaret Smith
17. Marjorie Courtenay Latimer
18. Science
19. End Titles
20. Penguins

Corals. Annemarie Kohler has devoted her life to photographing corals, and this was the pilot for a series featuring her work. This episode dealt with the life and loves of a community of cuttlefish, with their amazing displays of flashing lights to signal mood and send messages - aggro, disguise, seduction, flight - familiar emotions in an unfamiliar world of brilliant colours and murky light..

In A Fish Caught in Time Celia Lowenstein tells the amazing story of the coelacanth - the 400 million year old species, long thought extinct until one of them was caught in South Africa in 1938. Since then other colonies have been found in East Africa and Indonesia. Extraordinary underwater camerawork of the caves in which they live, their mournful expression as you can see, and the story of J.B.L.Smith's lifelong search for new specimens.