Bach Euphoria
    1. Prelude No.20 in Am (Bk I WTC BWV 865)
    2. Adagio (Toccata Adagio & Fugue BWV 564)
    3. Jesu, meine Freude (Organ Canata BWV 610)
    4. Sarabande (Lute Suite in Cm BWV 997)
    5. God’s Time (Organ Cantata BWV 106)
    6. Have Mercy (Organ Cantata BWV 721)
    7. Gigue (English Suite #4 in F BWV xxx)
    8. Adagio (Vln Conc. in E BWV 1042)
    9. Blessed Rest (Cantata #179 Vergnugte Ruh BWV 179)
    10. Prelude No.13 in F# (Bk II WTC BWV 882)
    Prelude No.4 i n Csm (Bk I WTC BWV 849)
    12. Toccata in D minor (BWV 913).
    13. Sarabande (Overture in the French Style BWV 831)
    14. Largo (Prelude and Fugue in C BWV 545)
    All arrangements copyright 2003 Brian Gascoigne
The Music.
If you were asked to name the classical composers who wrote the greatest melodies, you probably would not immediately think of Bach. But as this CD shows, you’d be wrong. The Air on a G string is only the start of it. The Lute Suite, the Cantatas and the keyboard works are all bursting with wonderful tunes, and the arrangements on this CD, using instruments from all around the world, put them in a contemporary perspective. Bamboo flutes, guitars, strings, dulcimers and hand drums are combined to present the melodies in a new light, sometimes soothing and meditative, at other times rhythmic or declamatory, but always with respect for the original. Each generation throws up a contemporary version of Bach - Wendy Carlos, Jacques Loussier, the Swingle Singers - and this is the version for the age of World Music.

The Arrangements.
All the arrangements are by Brian Gascoigne, who has been involved in crossover projects with many artists such as the Japanese percussionist Stomu Yamash’ta, the guitarist John Williams and the Canadian violinist Lara St. John. He also works as an orchestrator on films, and has composed the music for many wildlife documentaries. He has written song arrangements for artists as diverse as Scott Walker, Pulp and the string quartet Bond. This album arose out of Lara St. John’s debut album for Sony Classics, Re:Bach, for which Brian wrote the original arrangements. In the course of choosing material for that album there were many wonderful pieces that were not suitable, but which were crying out for this kind of treatment. This album is the result.